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The company's products to achieve large-scale, automated production, the company has a large plant, the plant covers an area of 30 acres, the existing large magnesium alloy, integrated ceiling, decorative lines, bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber and the embossed painting custom painting and other large automatic production lines, with 30 integrated wallboard production line, line production line 15. Annual production capacity of more than 5 million square meters
After years of market research, accurate and effective marketing planning, mature brand strong operation in the market, in the integrated wall industry has not shake the navigation position.
Professional design, sophisticated products and quality services, for the promotion and development of brands to provide a good platform and publicity channels.
The company adopts the chain business model, the entire shop output one-stop service, technical team of high-quality, professional R & D team, familiar with production technology, according to investors rational investment planning for cooperation, investors did not provide all the information sharing of brand assets.


SJGM integrated wall is a market after years of research, the effectiveness of precision marketing planning, operating in the market mature brand, in the integrated wall industry, SJGM has not shake the position of the pilot.



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