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Haining SJGM Integrated wall CO.,LTD. in Haining, Jianshan New District has a large production base. Sijiguangming new materials is a focus on integrated wall products R & D, design, manufacturing and sales company, since its inception has consistently adhered to the design of brand philosophy and humanity, to provide high-quality environmentally friendly products for clients. The company's main ecological stone integrated wall panels, bamboo fiber integrated wallboard, there are currently more than 200 employees, the plant covers an area of 30 acres, has 30 integrated wallboard production line, corner line 15.

Haining SJGM Integrated wall CO.,LTD. is the ecological environmental protection material stone and polymer membrane, the use of advanced production technology, hot laminating technology with one-time molding, marble, wood grain, grain and other various colors wallpaper, fast installation, environmental health, waterproof, fashion beauty, widely used in families, hospitals and schools. Decoration Engineering Administration building, office, hotel, KTV and other places.
Our Integrated Wall brand advantage


Management software advantage
The company has established a set of mature and complete market management system.
Production hardware advantages
Have integrated wallboard production line 30, corner line production line 15. Annual production capacity of more than 5 million square meters.
Advantage of production technology
Making devices can be easily customized and spelled out.
Product production advantages
Professional design, sophisticated products and excellent service.
Service advantage
Home measurement, custom design, professional installation, after-sale tracking.
Sales advantage
Strong influence, strong brand advantage.

SJGM integrated wall is a market after years of research, the effectiveness of precision marketing planning, operating in the market mature brand, in the integrated wall industry, SJGM has not shake the position of the pilot.



Haining SJGM Integrated wall CO.,LTD.
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